Одежда для инфантов

Крис Хатч любезно предоставил Almighty Hat входящий в его неофициальные аддоны мод, позволяющий одевать самых маленьких симят в разную одежду. Не в единообразную для всех "дефолтную" замену, а в действительно разную одежду, разного окраса и с разными мешами.

Chris Hatch's Plan Baby Outfit Mod

После установки в Downloads файлов из архива в режиме покупки появляется медвежонок, которого нужно поставить в детской и с его помощью переодеть сименка.
Here's a super quick-and-dirty tutorial on how to make baby clothes.

1. Download Chris Hatch's Plan Baby Outfit mod. Drop it in your Downloads folder as you would any mod.
2. This step is hazy; either find an existing baby outfit you want to recolor or do whatever deep magic you clothing mesh creators do to create clothing meshes. Once you've got a clothing recolor to play with, open it in SimPE, hit the Property Set, and look for the age value. Change it to 0x00000021. (You can just select the whole hex code and type in 21. This works for any hex code in the property sets.) Commit and save.
3. What this does is enable the mesh for infants (0x00000020) and toddlers (0x00000001). Fire up Body Shop, find the baby outfit you want to recolor (it'll display as a floating toddler head, so make sure you've got a clear tooltip), and either recolor as usual or just re-import the file and import your textures later.
4. Exit Body Shop, and open the file in SimPE. Do what you gotta do with your textures, then go back to the property set and change your 21 back into a 20. Start your game, and proceed to the next mini tutorial...

How to USE Chris Hatch's Plan Baby Mod:

0. Purchase the Buy Baby Outfit teddy bear. There is to my knowledge no other way to buy baby clothes. Yet? Maybe 'yet.'
1. Have your parent Sim either hold their baby or put their baby on the floor. I haven't checked this with every possible combination of relatives, but an unrelated adult CANNOT get new clothes for a baby. Didn't think to check with teenagers. Somebody try it and report back?
2. With your parent Sim selected, click on the teddy bear and select "Buy Outfit For..." which should lead you to the names of all infants ant toddlers in the household. Click on a toddler's name.
3. A standard clothing-purchase window will pop up. DO NOT CLICK ANY AGE ICONS. Click on one of the gender icons instead. That's the only way to get to the baby clothes. Select and purchase baby clothes as you would normal clothes; they only cost $25 each so stock up. Hit the check-mark to buy clothes.
4. When the clothing purchase window closes, a plan outfit window will appear. So... plan your outfit.
5. If you forgot to plan your outfit, panicked and hit Close, or just want to change your baby's casual clothing for the season, buy one of the Maxis changing tables and have a parent Sim Plan Outfit For their baby as they would for a toddler.

Не знаю, надолго ли, но Дрём разбанен. - Как собиралась, старый пост со ссылками на mediafire убрала.
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***upd Современный комбинезончик для бэбиков от Amaryll, мод для того, чтобы одеть в него малолетнего питомца см. выше.

***upd Адаптация официальных и некоторых пользовательских детских пижамок для бебиков от Skell к этому же моду.